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FHO's Commitment to Racial Justice

Housing Justice is Racial Justice

Deeply rooted systems of racial biasdiscrimination, and segregation greatly limit the housing options and life opportunities of millions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) is dedicated to dismantling racial inequities, repairing harms, and restructuring systems to ensure equitable housing and life outcomes for all people. We are also committed to supporting organizations that build the leadership, power, and wealth of people facing housing instability, especially Native People and People of Color, who rightfully must be at the forefront of advancing housing security and racial justice for all people.


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We support Windows 10 (1903~21H1)

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Usually cheat will work after a game update correctly, if something is broken with a large game update, our developers will fix it as soon as possible.

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you can write to our support, just join our discord server and open a ticket

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