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Together we can ensure safe, affordable homes in thriving communities for everyone, starting with those most in need.

Whether a funder’s core mission is education, health, workforce development, anti-poverty, social justice, or the environment, housing is foundational to outcomes across the issues on which we work. FHO is comprised of a diverse range of funders – including a range of sizes and funders with a national, regional, or local focus. 


Join a powerful collaborative of funders creating change.


Benefits of Joining 

  • Be part of a groundbreaking collaborative that is working to expand housing opportunity for the next generation

  • Improve the impact of your grantmaking by understanding the root causes of housing injustice and its relationship to education, health, workforce development, transportation, and the environment.

  • Connect with some of the most innovative and progressive thinkers working to advance racial justice through housing.

  • Help redesign the systems in our nation that determine how land is used, how communities are developed, and who gets to live in thriving places 

  • Achieve greater system-level impact by fostering collaboration across the field

  • Access a network of innovative and strategic peer funders and experts, and find partners to pilot new work

  • Collectively fund strategic projects that advance the field at a larger scale for greater impact

  • Engage with grantees and learn what works in real-time to bring new ideas back to your organization  


What We Do

  • We provide critical resources through our grantmaking to organizations whose work aligns with FHO’s collective vision

  • We are trusted advisors to leaders within and beyond philanthropy, on the nation’s housing funding priorities

  • We engage and support deep learning across the housing field as well as ensure key learnings are shared and translated to other sectors

  •  We align, leverage, and mobilize resources that address key challenges and opportunities in housing. 

“FHO has greatly expanded my knowledge of housing related issues, what's happening across the country and in other foundations, and deepened my knowledge in areas I previously knew little about”


​FHO’s strength is our diverse and engaged membership.  Members attend monthly meetings and participate in committees that plan and support our work.  Opportunities for involvement range from sitting on our governing executive committee, to hosting a meeting in your city, to participating in a sub-committee. 



  • Multi-year financial contribution of between $250,000 - $600,000+ per year which should not supplant your organization’s current housing funding, it is meant to be additive; at least 85% of this contribution will be re-granted according to FHO’s three funding priorities

  • Participation of 1-2 people on FHO’s steering committee, at least one of whom has decision-making authority

  • Attendance during in-person meetings three times per year

For more information, please contact:
Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie

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