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Our future depends on ensuring safe, affordable homes in thriving communities today.


Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) brings the nation’s leading funders together to ensure stable housing, especially for those who have historically been denied access. Together, we can have a greater impact on recreating a housing system that is just and fair, built on values of equity, inclusion, and shared prosperity.

Strategy and Funding Priorities

To address racial injustice and housing instability, FHO is committed to making investments across three interdependent priority areas that will spark large-scale change. 

FHO in the News

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) partnered with Stanford Social Innovation Review to shares ideas, observations, and lessons from our housing justice efforts. The series looks at key elements for achieving housing justice through systems-level change.

Get Connected

If you are a funder or foundation interested in learning more, please contact FHO's Executive Director, Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie.

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FHO's Commitment to Racial Equity

Deeply rooted systems of racial biasdiscrimination, and segregation greatly limit the housing options and life opportunities of millions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) is dedicated to dismantling racial inequities, repairing harms, and restructuring systems to ensure equitable housing and life outcomes for all people. We are also committed to supporting organizations that build the leadership, power, and wealth of people facing housing instability, especially Native People and People of Color, who rightfully must be at the forefront of advancing housing security and racial justice for all people.

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